Featured Guests


  • Roy Meals, MD is a Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at UCLA, the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Hand Surgery, and a Past President of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.  He is the Founder and Chairman of the Doctor’s Demystify course for hand PTs and OTs.  He has recently developed the FreeHand line of braces for common hand and elbow problems. 


  • Prosper Benhaim, MD, FACS is an Associate Professor of Orthopedic and Plastic Surgery at UCLA and Chief of Hand Surgery at UCLA and the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Benhaim’s research interests include Dupuytren’s disease, limb transplantation, and the use of stem cells for bone and cartilage engineering.  Dr. Benhaim frequently reviews manuscripts for the Journal of Hand Surgery.


  • Warren Hammert, MD is an Associate Professor of Orthopedic and Plastic Surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center where he is also the Hand Surgery Fellowship Director.  His research and clinical interests include microsurgery, peripheral nerve surgery, and pediatric hand conditions.



  • David Moss, MD is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at George Washington University and a member of Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Washington, DC. His research interests include tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and post-operative pain relief.  







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